“Kindness at the top of the list.”

Renee Alleyne

I have a busy life as a self employed therapist and counsellor and I also like to share our beautiful cottage and garden with people from around the country and the world. As well as going off to work four days out of seven, I’ll do my best to welcome you and provide you with a haven to explore our beautiful area. Sharing the fruit from our garden, when it’s in season  is a pleasure. I don’t feel old enough to be a grandmother and great grandmother as well, however I am both of those and enjoy spending time with them when I can. Learning the Maori language and playing the ukulele give me a lot of pleasure. My life motto comes from my Buddhist beliefs which put kindness at the top of the list.

“Wealth is measured by what you can give , not by what you have”

Trish McGee

I am a teacher of English as a second language to international high school students and I am also at work 4 days out of 7. When I am at home, I am hard at work keeping our place looking beautiful. I’ve got an eye for detail that is often commented on by guests and was one of the originals builders, who built our cottage 20 years ago. I love to stay active and keep fit with yoga, riding my bike and swimming. I am also a student of the Maori language and benefit from Buddhist teachings and meditation.